Our house has never been as tidy as it has been since Call Cleaner has been visiting us. I used to do the housework myself and thought I did a good job until I booked Call Cleaner. Its good to not to have to worry about having to do the cleaning now, I have better things to do than worry about the chores! We live in a three bedroom town house in Whitstable and have two young children, one dog and three cats. When we first booked cleaning visits we didn`t mind whether we had the same cleaner every week or not, but as soon as we decided that we would prefer to have the same cleaner for every cleaning visit Call Cleaner were happy to accommodate. This meant we could sometimes go out and leave the cleaner to it. Even my teenage son appreciates her work.

Kiresten / Whitstable

My mum is elderly and lives on her own in Herne Bay. She is elderly and cant cope with housework since dad died. Call Cleaner have been cleaning her house for over a year now. I don`t know how my mum would have coped otherwise. It was so easy to organize. I book all of her cleaning visits via email and  I`m emailed an invoice monthly to cover her cleaning costs. Because I can pay the cleaning visits via online banking mum doesnt even have to pay the cleaner cash which was a real worry for me. My mum really gets on with her regular cleaner, she even makes my mum a cup of tea when asked. My mum often forgets the cleaners name and for the first few visits always thought it was the first. Thanks Call Cleaner. I Highly Recommend this cleaning company.

Mike Lloyd / Herne Bay

I am a writer and director of Creative Arts and have a very busy work load. I am often travelling the country on seminars and have little time to deal with the house cleaning. I have booked cleaning companies in the past but was very  put off by the branded vehicles parking on the driveway: I don`t like the nosey neighbours to know when the cleaners or plumbers come over or they might just steal my cleaner. Thankfully Call Cleaner are very discreet and friendly. They provide a professional and cleaning service without the bells n whistles.If I`m working from home on a cleaning visit I stay in my home office and they don`t bother me and are more than happy to do the hoovering around my conference calls when requested.

Andy Guscott / Canterbury

I live on my own in Canterbury. My sons have grown up and left home many years ago to start their own families. I`m very fussy about who comes into my home and also very fussy about what cleaning products are used around my home as I suffer from allergies. I like things to be left in the right place too and my old cleaner that I had (before I started using Call Cleaner) used to really annoy me cause they would move my things around the house and I could never find anything. Also I have some parts of my home that I need cleaning more than others as I live alone in a four bedroom house. I took a fall last year and broke my leg and I needed help around the house. A friend recommended Call Cleaner, and given how particular I am I thought they would n`t last for more than two visits. Anyway, the cleaner they sent me was great and she said she meets lots of customers who like things done in their way. So, that was that, they are still cleaning my house even though my leg is healed. Now I leave them to clean while I go for a jog around the block. Great company I really recommend that you use this cleaning company if you are like me and need a bit of help. You might even get used to it!

Jane Bit / Canterbury

I share a student house with four other house mates. We`re not the worst type of students, but we`re nowhere near the best either. My mum booked Call Cleaner when she came to visit us in my first semester and was so angry that she had to pick up dirty socks and clean pots that “could have walked out the house or cleaned themselves”. Call Cleaner are great, we try to clean up as much as possible before they come round but I`ve got to confess most of the time they are greeted with many, many, many empty beer cans and pizza boxes. Thankfully they dont care at all. When theyve finished the place looks like a show home, its incredible what they can do in just three hours. We recommended them to our friends who also live in a shared house and they are really happy with the cleaning service too. They recommended Call Cleaner to a lecturer and we must have got them so much work, but they deserve it. My cleaner works really fast and doesn`t even stop for a break. Even our landlord nearly fainted when he came around and saw our house, but we didn`t tell him we had a cleaner!  We always book them the day before our mums visit too.Thanks Call Cleaner, nice one.

Loyd Washington / Canterbury

My life is extremely hectic. I am married with two children and a very demanding business. This makes finding a work life balance damn near impossible at times. My husband and I had many ding dongs and hoo hars over fair distribution of housework and needless to say they came to nothing. We took on Call Cleaner after my husband failed to realize that just because I am female does not mean I CAN clean. And, also he failed to understand that just because I can clean (of course I can clean) does not mean I WANT to. To cut an extremely tiresome story short it was a toss between Call Cleaner or Relate, that is how bad things got.I have to say that after the first cleaning visit I was overjoyed. It was such a weight off my shoulders and we have not argued since. My cleaner was marvellous. She was such a quite little thing and the poor dear worked so tirelessly for a good three hours. In conclusion I am thrilled: my marriage survived and my mother in law was not impressed( but she`s just like my husband). So, I highly recommend this company, they are so professional and just keep their head down and do their job…and what an amazing job!

Brigit Guscott / Whitstable