We are a small family run business based in Canterbury. Our cleaning company has grown organically based on  what our customers say they need from a local cleaning company. We are a company that listens and appreciates customer feedback as it means we can grow in a way that meets customers expectations. We understand at Call Cleaner that there are many different reasons why people need house  cleaning services: we are a company that listens and our priority is to make sure our customers needs are met. At Call Cleaner we ensure our customers receive the best possible cleaning service. All of our cleaners are professional and friendly: many with years of experience in commercial or domestic cleaning. We are vetted and insured meaning that we often hold customers keys and provide a cleaning service whilst they are out. Customers who are in on their chosen cleaning day find our cleaners friendly and attentive to their needs especially important for those who work from home or have a young family. So, if you need a house cleaner then give us a call, send us a Whatsapp or drop us an email!